Since our establishment in 2008, Discount Cedar has sold 100,000s of cedar fence posts all over the country to thousands of customers.This is something we are extremely proud of. Our headquarters is located in Humble, TX, and a majority of our customers live in Texas. As we have expanded, we have shipped full truckloads of fence posts to Colorado, Kansas, South Dakota, and Louisiana. We also have supplied posts to many farm and ranch supply stores, lumber companies, and even oilfield supply companies. In May of 2013, we were recognized in the Houston Chronicle as business of the week.

​​We are always striving to exceed our customers' expectations by providing the best quality product that cannot be found anywhere else. We spend a lot of time vetting suppliers (loggers/sawmills) to make sure we are getting the best cedar. Our suppliers hand sort our cedar posts to insure that every post meets our requirements in regards to straightness, size, and dense heartwood. Most of our cedar comes from Missouri, but over time, we have also found reputable sawmills in northern Arkansas and southeast Nebraska. We used to buy cedar in Texas, but found that most of the quality was poor (crooked, weak heartwood). That being said, their is really good cedar in the Kerrville area. 

​​Our decay resistant cedar will last at least 20 years in the ground. In some cases, cedar can last much longer than that. For instance, an older rancher living near my family’s place in Mount Enterprise, TX has had his cedar posts in the ground for over 50 years now! In addition to being rot resistant, the straightness of our fence posts make them look very uniform. Our hope is that by buying our quality product, our customers will not have to replace their fence again.

Prices: Our prices are competitive with treated pine poles. Unfortunately, most of these treated fence posts will last only 3-5 years before showing signs of rot. That means people who go with treated posts will have to replace their fence at least five times before our customers need to even think about replacing theirs. Our main business focus is on semi-load 24 ton orders. If you go to our truckload order form page, you can request a free quote. Also, we have a retailer in Humble, TX, 30 miles north of Houston, who provides our fence posts to customers who need smaller orders.
Pictures of our different sizes are displayed below. Please go to the Order Form Page to choose the sizes you want.